How to register your horse for the breeding program ?

- It is once in your horses life
x - If you are member of the Association Nationale du Cheval de Trait Comtois :15 € per horse
- If not : 30 € per horse

=You can register a horse by sending a letter with your name, surname, address and telephone number and the name of the horse you want to register with the payment (for people not living in France, transfers are recommended. Just contact us to have more information by e-mail:

When received, the ANCTC register the horse into the SIRE database (haras nationaux) and then send to the breeder a label showing that the horse is registered for the breeding program. This label has to be stuck into the horse paper (and not on the owner certificate in case of a change of owner).


Why to register at the breeding program ?

- - You can receive all the bonus of breeding contest (only comtois horses, registered at the breeding program can receive the bonus, and not any more the ones not registered or not comtois horse (even draft horses).

- - Your horse could be pointé by an expert (evaluation)


Be careful!
Registration doesnt match the branding iron mark.