Jobs with Comtois horse studies

Comtois horse is a daily partner of numerous professionals of the horse, whether it is in tourism, breeding, skidding, leisure.

Breeder :

Most of Comtois horses breeders are farmers who consider it as an economic diversification and immortalize the tradition by passion Often, they have only 2 or 3 mares and a herd of dairy cows as main production.



Agent of Haras nationaux - National stud farms:

The agent of stud farms takes care of the stallions of the National Stud farms and is in charge of the service of the public horsemanship.
In Franche-Comté, the National Stud farm belongs to Besançon but during the period of horsemanship the agents are appointed in one of stud farms. Some of them are inseminating, someone have a license of echography. They also proceed to the identification of horses.

Etalonnier : man who works with stallions for private horsemanship

We find in Franche-Comté a powerful and influencing private sector of etalonnier, it only exists for draft horses in France. The Etalonnier works in good agreement with the national stud farm of Besançon. As the agent of stud farms, the etalonnier has an essential social role, he advises, listens to, examines the state of brood mares with the glance of the expert. He protected a genetic quality and outlets in the breeding.



His role is to install with breeders the precautionary measures to guarantee the good health of horses in particular thanks to anti-tetanus and anti-flu vaccinations and to reasoned programs of vermifugation. He is listening to the breeders when a particular pathology appears.


Driver professionel :

The coachman is a driver of horse-drawn carriage transporting goods and people and who is paid for doing it. He is registered on the National Labor union(Syndicate) of the professional Coachmen which groups together 50 companies. He knows perfectly how to take care of his horse, his equipment of harness and to lead a harness to 1 or to 2 horses in safety.


Skidding by horse :

It is complementary of the tractor on the forest plots of land of little areas, having a turned out environmental interest on difficult ground or on outer-urban zone. There are about ten in Franche-Comté there. The skidding by horse guarantees a quality work, much more respectful of the forest.


Provider of agricultural services :

More and more farmers appeal to the horse for the work of the ground on all or any of their exploitation, in particular in truck farming and in vine growing.


Professional of the Equestrian Tourism :

Whether he is a accompanist, guide or instructor this passionate person of the horse of leisure will accompany you during your short and long rides safely and will make you share the love of his region and his cavalry.



Blacksmith :

The blacksmith takes care of the good health of the hoofs of horses. He comes every 2 months to counter hoofs (that is to cut the horn which grew up) and possibly to shoe if the horse rose or hitched. Contrary to the other races of draft horses, Comtois horse generally is not to shoe in a "work" (cage of concentration where the hoof to be shod is attached in height) but held in hand as most of the saddle horses.


Saddler :

The saddler makes the leather rooms(parts,plays) of the harness of the horse. It is the craftsman who works mostly to order and who is capable at a glance of taking the measures of your horse to offer him(her) a customized material(equipment).


Wheelwright :

It is a person who creates wooden horse-drawn carriages. It is a traditional job that is seen less and less because today horse-drawn carriages are made of metal and manufactured by iron craftsmen and coachbuilders.


Horse butcher :

A horse butcher carves carcass to draw the best pieces from the carcass the sells it. He has specifics skills with specific trainings because the horse meat die-cut requires a specific technique and a specific material. The number of horse butchers is decreasing in France. It is a proximity job with a lot of contacts with customers.