Standard of Comtois horse race

Medium size : height : 1,50-1,60 m
weight : about 650-800kg

Meaning and square head with a lively expression and small well planted and very mobile ears.

Powerful forequarter : straight and muscular neckline. Long, oblique and wide shoulder. Well taken out withers. Wide and deep breast.

Compact body :rounded off rib, without excess. Straight back ; short and well attached loins. Wide croup with a well gone down thigh.

Dry and well dipped members, with strong joints, tendons and clear backs of the knee without defect and good stand

Did you know that?

Comtois horse’s coat was not still chestnut : to after the second world war, all Comtois horses had bay coat!

It’s only with Questeur, beautiful chestnut stallion, that Comtois standard became chestnut. Today, a lot of Comtois’coat said “chestnut” with dark bottom of legs are in reality bay with white hairs.


To become a stallion, a young male must necessarily have been marked with the initials TC affixed on the neckline after passage in front of a commission. To obtain this mark, he absolutely has to have his 4 marked grandparents and besides correspond in the standard of the race and the objectives of selection.